Project presentation

 ‘BLACK SEA BIKE – DIVERSIFICATION OF TOURISM SERVICES IN CONSTANTA BALCHIK CROSS BORDER REGION BY BIKE – BSB’ project is part of Romania – Bulgaria Cross – Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis 3: Economic and Social Development – Economic development and social cohesion by identifying and enhancing through joint initiatives the comparative advantages of the area; Key Area of Intervention 3.1: Supporting business cross-border cooperation and promotion of the regional image and identity.

Beneficiary of the financing: The Partnership between Territorial Administrative Unit – City of Constanta and Balchik City-Bulgaria.

The project has been developed by both Constanta and Balchik Administrations, pursuing the identified needs related to the underdevelopment and even lack of tourism services that require additional investment in order to fulfil all the tourists’ needs. Constanta City Hall has been nominated Lead Partner and has been given the task of coordinating the entire project. Project’s activities have been selected in such manner to ensure adequate involvement of the Balchik Partner and to meet the project’s objectives.

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General Project Objectives:

  • promoting the cities and areas involved in the project
  • tourism development through diversification of sustainable tourist services
  • creating new opportunities for tourism operators
  • cooperation between communities

Considering the common objectives of the two partners involved in the project as well as the priorities identified in Constanta – Balchik cross-border area, by mean of the specific objective, they intend to offer tourists, as a premier, an ecological and reliable alternative to public transport, an alternative to leisure – making available to tourists 30 stations with 390 bikes in Constanta and 100 in Balchik. The stations shall be managed through a server.

  • Value of the Project: 1,498,533.24 Euro
  • European Union’s contribution: 1,271,055.89 Euro
  • Romanian Government’s contribution: 153,480.37 Euro
  • Territorial Administrative Unit – City of Constanta’s contribution: 25,737.48 Euro
  • Value of the project for Balchik City: 317,915.00 Euro
  • Starting date of the project: 17.05.2013
  • Ending date of the project: 16.11.2014

MANAGEMENT AUTHORITHY: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

The target groups for the project are:

  1. Tourists visiting Black Sea Coast in Constanta and Balchik
  2. Tourism operators

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How the system works:

Every rack of bikes will have a command centre which, by use of access cards, will automatically authenticate the user and allocate a bike.

The system will be managed in a centralized manner, the stations being interconnected and managed through a server.

As a means of operation, any tourist or local resident presenting an ID will be able to request a user card which can be freely attained from the distribution points. Taking into consideration Constanta’s own logistic but also the possible collaborations with interested institutions and economic agents, the distribution points will be established and selected in the execution stage of the project. Based on this card, the tourist/local resident will be able to procure a bicycle from any of the project’s stations and, after using it, return it at any station.
The bikes will be built with special anti-theft parts, making their disassembling/use on other bikes impossible.

The system will have a maintenance team at the ready to intervene in order to address potential operation problems and to adjust the available stock of bikes in the station, solving situations such as ‘zero bikes in the station’ or ‘full rack’, by relocating bikes from one station to another one.

Any problems will be highlighted on the server, which will also issue use/occupancy reports.